Finding the right car for your business is an important decision at Richmond MG, we understand it’s important to represent your company on the road in a professional manner.

That’s where Richmond MG can help. We have a team of Business Specialists that have the knowledge and experience to help you find the perfect vehicle to fit your fleet requirements.

Whether you’re looking for an individual company vehicle or whether you’re a Business Manager looking to establish a large fleet, Richmond MG would be happy to discuss this with you.

Contract Hire

If you opt for a Contract Hire, this means that you don’t own the car, instead paying per month to effectively hire it. Upfront, you could be asked to pay an initial payment of three to six months’ worth of payments. The more you leave as a deposit, the less your monthly payments will be. All monthly payments are based on a factor of things - the value of the vehicle, the miles you will drive the car and length of the contract, which can range between 24 and 48 months.

Finance Lease

This is often a great choice for businesses where Contract Hire or Hire Purchase doesn’t suit its needs. Finance Leasing allows you to either pay off the entire vehicle price over an agreed period of time or opt for lower monthly repayments with one final large payment at the end – securing your ownership. Another bonus for businesses is that if the parameters of your agreement are consistent regarding usage, mileage and condition, the interest rate will be kept exactly the same.

Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase allows you to choose how much of a deposit you wish to leave, normally a percentage of the vehicle’s value - we will let you decide exactly how much you leave. Once a payment time has been agreed, you will pay monthly instalments for the duration set, which can range between 24 months and five years.

Outright Purchase

Buying the vehicle outright is ideal for those who plan to keep their MG long-term. You can also choose whether to pay a large down payment when you pick up the keys, and pay the rest off, or pay instalments. The vehicles also become assets of your company, meaning that if an employee leaves, for example, your company has the right to retain that vehicle and recoup some of the losses.

Whatever type of finance agreement suits your business profile the best, we’re here to help organise everything and make sure you’re on the road quickly.