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Best Value Brand 2020 WINNER – MG

Added: 07 September 2020

MG has been named as the Best Value Brand 2020, as voted for by over 181,000 UK car buyers for the fourth annual Auto Trader New Car Awards! Originally known for its classic open-top sports cars, MG has rebranded and made an impact on today’s new modern market. Their range has been reshaped, remade and packed full of added tech that all comes at a much more affordable price, giving you more value for your money. This is even true for their All-new ZS EV SUV! An SUV that runs on pure electric and doesn’t cost the earth whilst returning significant miles on a single charge.

As buyers continue to be on the lookout for the newest and best cars that give the most value for money, survey participants noted MG's overall value, with the all-electric MG ZS EV acquiring exceptional acclaim. One customer remarked, “It’s a cost-effective electric car and the first real affordable option” Another customer added “It’s hard to summarise, but the overall value for money has to be the winner. The range, the speed of charging, the size and the spec for the price you pay, is exactly what we were looking for!”

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing at MG Motor UK said “We’re really pleased to have won this important award, especially as the results come from real-world new car buyers. To be recognised in this way is an authentic endorsement of our core brand message of value-for-money. On behalf of the MG team, I’d like to thank Auto Trader and the survey participants for this great recognition”.

The cost of the vehicle was not the only impressive feature. “There are lots of extras – leather interior, DAB radio, alloy wheels – that comes with very little cost,” said one happy owner. “The car has so much specification for less money – it looks like a more expensive rival,” added another.

Our team were overjoyed with the amount of positive feedback and reviews from MG owners across the nation which outright confirm that MG provides exceptional value for money. Hungry for more? Why not browse our selection of MG cars and book a test drive today!

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