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All-New Citroën Berlingo arrives at Richmond Citroen Business Centre

Added: 19 October 2018

All-New Citroen Berlingo Van

The All-New Berlingo has been unveiled and we managed to get a sneak peek to find out what makes this one so different to the outgoing model and what has made the Berlingo so popular over the past two decades that Citroën has sold 1.5 million.

What’s New?

Upon first impression, the dimensions are very similar – which is good because it has been one of the main selling points since the Berlingo was released 22-years ago in 1996. The idea is that it has the same footprint as a hatchback but maximises interior space.

Open up the rear doors and you find a vast cargo space that can easily accommodate a few wooden pallets, bags of cement or boxes depending on your needs. But an addition for the 2019 shape is an ingenious and much needed ‘Overload Indicator’.

This is a system that alerts you if the payload is becoming too great. This helps driver’s stay safe while on the road and within the parameters of the law – a nice touch, especially if you carry heavy loads on a regular basis. The cargo area can also be accessed via a handy side door.

All-New Citroen Berlingo Van Rear
All-New Citroen Berlingo Van Boot

What’s It Like In The Cabin?

Inside, the cabin is very well appointed. Not only is there an abundance of cubbyholes, but there’s also lots of other practical thinking too. The floors, for example, are all covered in large rubber over mats that can easily be removed for cleaning or hosed down within the cabin. The plastics are hard, durable ones that have been made to withstand the rough and tumble that workhorses like commercial vehicles often go through.

But the highlight by a mile is the rear-view camera which replaces the standard interior mirror and is very clever. It is constantly on so that you can always see exactly what’s going on behind you, making driving that bit easier but also giving drivers the ability to keep an eye on their vehicle and make sure the van remains secure. Put the Berlingo in to reverse and the angle of the camera changes to a fish-eyed lens so that reversing into tighter spaces is a doddle.

Other features include an Eight-inch Touchscreen Infotainment System that has Bluetooth, DAB Radio and Mirrorlink. Sat Nav is also available. There’s also the option of having three seats, and thanks to the handbrake being a button operated one, there’s plenty of room for all occupants.

All-New Citroen Berlingo Van Steering Wheel
All-New Citroen Berlingo Van Camera


Overall, the new Berlingo is shaping up to be another class leader thanks to clever storage, driver focussed technology and car-like dimensions. Zone Manager for Citroën Miles Haywood, said: “The Berlingo name is now 22-years old. In that time it has become one of the most successful commercial vehicles in history. For the third generation, it has been completely reinvented thanks to the addition of some excellent driver aids”.

For more information or if you want to organise a test drive, why not get in touch with Richmond Citroën Business Centre today on 02392 530 404.