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Hyundai and Audi to collaborate on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

Added: 01 August 2018

Hyundai NEXO Exterior

The topic of sustainable fuelling methods for cars is one that is constantly on people’s lips. Everyone is striving to deliver a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective way of replacing fossil fuels whilst not diminishing performance.

Hyundai has taken huge steps towards delivering hydrogen-powered cars, and their latest development sees them join forces with Audi to make further progress and eventually turn provider to other manufacturers such as the VW Group and Kia with the results.

Hyundai NEXO Interior

Hyundai has been at the forefront of Hydrogen fuel cell technology and has recently launched the second-generation fuel cell electric vehicle, the NEXO. Audi, however, is yet to get beyond the concept stage for their research but both parties are hopeful that joining together will be both financially and technologically beneficial.

Hyundai’s recent developments are seen as a gateway to the future of motoring. Developing Hydrogen Cell Vehicles powered by renewable energy and deliver zero emissions on a global scale is the aim, and progress thus far has been quick. With the additional financial and professional clout that teaming up with Audi should bring, these advances could become frequent.

Hyundai Technology

Explaining the benefits of the joint effort, Hyundai’s fuel-cell Vice President, Sae Hoon Kim, stated in an interview with Auto Express, “We’re still in the early stage of fuel cell development and there are some things we cannot solve all by ourselves. If you don’t share technologies you won’t survive.”

The collaboration may not be a one off either as both parties have hinted that the possibility of sharing platforms and other technologies isn’t something they would rule out. Hydrogen is seen as a pivotal aspect for the future of motoring.

With up to 75% of the world we live in being made up of the gas, it is in abundance relative to the finite fossil fuels used to power current cars. The future for both Hyundai and the planet is looking brighter.

Hyundai NEXO Display Screen

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