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Hyundai give the i20 a brand new facelift

Added: 02 May 2018

What makes the i20 so great?

The latest iteration of the model is everything you would want from a supermini; spacious, fun, efficient, stylish and safe.

Aesthetically pleasing

The i20 is one of the best looking cars on the market at the moment. Its clinical design makes it stand out from the crowd of other superminis that are currently available. The new i20 boasts a bolder and braver approach that has really paid dividends delivering an elegant, professional edge that we’re all looking for.

Innovative Technology

The revamped i20 features some fantastic cutting edge technology as well. An all-new seven-inch colour display on the dash brings greater compatibility to the car, allowing it to connect with Android Auto and Apple Play devices. This helps the i20 have a more personal feel which adds some priceless value onto the car.

Speed and Safety

The i20 features either a 74bhp or 84bhp 1.2 litre engine, giving it more than enough power, this is all pulled together by a 5-speed manual gearbox. When there’s increased power, the safety features must also be ramped up. This is where Hyundai’s new safety kit comes into play. The new kit consists of: lane departure warnings, lane keep assist, auto emergency braking and high beam assist.

All of these amazing features help to keep you safe whilst you’re driving one of the hottest superminis of 2018!

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