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ŠKODA Fabia is the best illustration of "great things come in small packages".

Skoda Fabia

The ŠKODA Fabia joins the long list of vehicles assembled and manufactured by the German Conglomerate, Volkswagen (VW). Recently, the company refurbished the ŠKODA Fabia supermini that comes with a surprisingly enjoyable drive. While this vehicle does not hold the top spot among the Volkswagen Group siblings, it remains a polished, sensible supermini.

ŠKODA Fabia is one of the well-accepted supermini cars. Here are a few standout facts about this vehicle:

  • The ŠKODA Fabia's design seeks to strike a balance between performance and style,
  • The fabulous Fabia made its mark in world rally championships,
  • In 2015, the ŠKODA Fabia ranked as the best small car in the What Car Awards
  • The 1.6-liter turbocharged engine allows ŠKODA Fabia to spurt 210kW of power, a vivid demonstration of its peak performance.

ŠKODA Fabia is the best illustration of "great things come in small packages." Besides being one of the most inexpensive mini cars in the market, its active safety features are the hallmark of a secure driving experience.

A simple review of the 2021 ŠKODA Fabia will help to illustrate that there is more than meets the eye:


The ŠKODA Fabia has four engine options, and none of them has more than three-cylinders. The 94 and 109bhp are turbocharged variants, while the rest (19 and 74bhp) function without turbocharging. Even so, these engines (19 and 74bhp) source support from a five-speed manual gearbox.

The 94bhp engine variant is endowed with speed because it does 0-62mph in 10.8 seconds. However, the range-topping 109bhp variant is a standout engine version because it gets six-speeds and an additional feature of a seven-speed dual-clutch. On matters speed, this engine variant does 0-62mph in 9.6 seconds.

Curious as it may seem, the 94bhp is Volkswagen’s biggest seller because it is ideally the one you ought to buy. After all, this engine variant is entirely adequate for this type of car. Although the ŠKODA Fabia is intrinsically for all kinds of weather seasons, it is not for speeding.

What Does the Interior Look Like

The interior section of the ŠKODA Fabia supermini is on the same wavelength as the current VW Polo. Nevertheless, space is above average while the layout is unique insofar. It's safe to say that the back section provides for enough head- and leg-room for two adults, if not three.

Planer trims are a good fit for the ŠKODA Fabia, which is otherwise well-equipped, well-built, and it has everything that makes it easy and satisfying to own.

Skoda Fabia Interior
Reliability and Safety

In the most recent Driver Power satisfaction survey, the fabulous Fabia was ranked fifth in reliability and safety. The Fabia's security depends on its MOB architecture, autonomous braking, and Front Assist Collision. These standard features make the ŠKODA a haven for reliability and safety.

The six airbags feature the icing on the cake coupled with the remote locking that prevents unlocking from the inside.

In essence, the ŠKODA Fabia is a state-of-the-art car, especially if you live in urban areas. It has built its reputation on the relentless top-notch quality of its predecessors. Moreover, it's a dependable daily-drive that gives motorists a feel-good factor.


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19 February 2021