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Meet The Hyundai Ioniq – Our Best Plug-In Hybrid

Added: 28 December 2017

Ioniq plug-in

Have you heard about Hyundai’s latest eco-friendly hybrid? Here we have all the reasons why this is the perfect car for all your car needs. Read on to find out more about the Ioniq plug-in hybrid.

Environmental & Powerful

The Ioniq is built for strength as a high-tech hybrid powertrain, with a simple click of a button allowing drivers to switch to electric power. When solely using its electric mode, the car can easily keep going for 31 miles emission-free – so your daily commute will be greener than ever before. The 45kW electric motor that powers the battery recuperates energy whilst on the move, and for those breaks in between journeys, a recharging cable fully powers the battery to keep you going for longer.

This plug-in hybrid gets the best of both worlds by working with the 1.6 GDi petrol engine to boost performance. This unique feature is perfect for Eco driving as well as Sports Mode, to give every driver the best experience.

Athletic & Sleek

The Ioniq’s design is unique with an athletic silhouette to make the car aerodynamic which adds to its hidden strength by minimising air resistance and emissions. Enjoy agile handling when driving this lightweight vehicle due to its low centre of gravity and multi-rear suspension, allowing the car with low-emissions.

Ioniq plug-in

State-Of-The-Art Finishes

To ensure you drive the most modern vehicle available, Hyundai’s Ioniq plug-in hybrid is fitted with all the technology you need to get from A to B. Apple Car Play allows you to keep all passengers entertained when connected to your phone, and with a wireless charging feature, your car is compatible with the most current smartphones available. The interior reflects the energised power of the model, with blue accents running along the interior. And to add to this, the exterior is fitted with LED daytime running lights to echo the sporty exterior of the accents that minimizes turbulence and enhances downforce, perfect for those windy days.

Ioniq plug-in

View the Ioniq plug-in hybrid more closely on our website where you can book a test drive today!