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New Citroen Cars Will Come with Dashcams as Standard

Added: 18 January 2017

Dashcam technology has swept the motoring world over the last few years, sparked initially by some sensationalist, near-miss incident videos taken in Russia, uploaded to YouTube and insatiably shared around the globe.

Far from merely a craze or a means of entertaining the ever-infinite audience YouTube caters to however, dashcams serve a real purpose, and are becoming integral components in vehicle security and modern car insurance across the country. So much so in fact, that PSA have announced their future cars, including of course the entire Citroen range, will all come with in-built dashcam technology.

Garmin Together

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, PSA announced a partnership with sat-nav extraordinaire outfit Garmin, in a quest to make dashboard recording as common as the steering wheel.

The latest Citroen C3 in fact already carries such technology, the ConnectedCAM; however this new collaboration with Garmin will bring their Garmin Intelligent Driving Video Recorder devices to all future vehicles, allowing for convenient, consistent, high definition recording.

A Built-In Insurance Policy

The advantages of course, of having the camera built in, is no more sticky-marks on the windows or ugly suction cups cluttering up your view. It means no stray wires or having to remember to set the camera up or take it out every time you go anywhere – ultimately, it will be the best solution for dashcam technology.

With insurance companies using dashcams to check the legitimacy of a claim, and many instances of dashcam footage being useful when cars have been stolen, or incidents have occurred in front of the vehicle; they are increasingly practical, money-saving and stress-reducing devices.

If you’d like to know more about the new Citroen C3 and its ConnectedCAM, or the future of dashcam technology in Citroen cars, give our team at Richmond Motor Group a call today, or visit your nearest dealer to speak to us!