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Prepare For Your Holiday Abroad!

Added: 30 June 2017

To prepare your car for a long journey this summer, we have created our own checklist of things you should consider in advance.

Book in For a Service

Give yourself plenty of time by getting your car booked in for a full service a few weeks in advance to make sure everything's in tip top condition. To speed up the process, book in for a service at one of our dealerships to avoid the hassle of shopping around and get you ready for your road trip!

Breakdown Cover Included?

You may want to contact your insurance provider to see what breakdown cover your policy covers. If you’re travelling abroad this summer, it would be wise to extend your policy to cover breakdowns overseas. No one wants to be stranded on holiday so make sure you’re covered, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Car Necessities

Before you set off, there are a few things you should pack in your boot. Always keep a blanket and water in the boot for emergencies. Next, make room for a hazard triangle, even if that means leaving the inflatable lilo at home and don’t forget to pack a road map so you aren’t only relying on the satnav to get you from A to B! In some European countries, it’s a legal requirement to carry high visibility jackets as well as hazard triangle and even a breathalyser kit. Each country has its own rules on what you need to carry so make sure you do your research before heading off. We’d also advise on packing some bottles of water and snacks that are sealed and have a longer shelf life, as well as warm clothing and a torch. A mini toolkit is also advised too so you can fix minor issues on the go.

In-Car Entertainment

If you’re driving for long periods of time then make sure you have plenty for the little ones to do to avoid the ‘are we there yet?’ questions! Pack books, in-car board games and even an electronic tablet to keep them occupied.

Long Journey Tips

There are also a couple of things to consider when you’re completing a long journey. For example, you should take a 15-minute break every two hours while driving. Check in advance for service stations where you can stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat. To make your journey more entertaining inject some fun into your trip by stopping off at some scenic landmarks or historic towns!