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Richmond Motor Group Team Up With Local Charity Urbond

Added: 29 October 2019

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Richmond Motor Group are proud sponsors of Urbond. Founded in 2013, Urbond is a charity who help local communities to integrate with each other and be accepted no matter their beliefs. They also work to provide primary education to children who may not get the chance to otherwise.

Urbond have had a huge impact on the community, taking every chance they get to raise money for those who need it. They’ve been a part of the Great South Run for the past 4 years, raising money for many great causes such as Cystic Fibrosis and Naomi and Jacksplace hospices. Urbond have organised Seminars and workshops to raise awareness of the work they do, allowing more people to get involved. Their education programme helps to provide education and providing opportunities to children in need. The money they raise goes towards building classrooms for the children, school teachers, study materials, clean water, basic health care, and any other amenities needed.

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Urbond have formed a volleyball team to provide a supportive environment for people of all ages. This project has been created to promote self-confidence, fight isolation and to bring down barriers. Urbond sees sports as having no language barrier, and is a great way to bring people close together. The team started off as just a few friends coming together to play volleyball. In February 2016, a community volleyball project was hosted every Sunday. As time went on, the teams skills developed, and more people started to join. In September 2017, the Urbond Men’s Volleyball Team was formed, consisting of 16 players from 11 different nationalities. Now, the team have made their way into Division 2 South for the 2019/2020 league.

We are proud to sponsor Urbond Volleyball Team, and were there to unveil their 2017/2018 volleyball season kit. We also were honoured to sponsor the team for the second time for the 2019/2020 season. We really do admire Urbond and all the work they do for the community. They put together some incredible events to support some truly amazing causes. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events that are guaranteed to bring fun and laughs, all for a wonderful foundation.