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The Eagerly Anticipated High Performance Hyundai RN30 Concept Revealed

Added: 26 October 2016

Hyundai recently revealed details about the new RN30 High Performance Concept vehicle. The RN30's motorsport credentials where displayed during its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show, earlier last month.

The Hyundai RN30

The all-new RN30 Performance Concept was unveiled at the world famous Paris Motor Show. The RN30 is based on the new generation i30, and thanks to it's motorsport roots, promises to deliver driver-focused performance and lightweight engineering to enhance the thrill of driving. The RN30 was developed in close collaboration with Hyundai Motorsport, the Hyundai Europe Technical Centre and the Hyundai Motor's Performance Development and High Performance Vehicle Division; in short, only the those interested in racing standard performance and track-ready engineering.

Performance Features

Hyundai have revealed details around the specification of the RN30, which includes a high-performance 2.0-litre turbocharged engine. The engine has been developed specifically for N production models, and includes a larger turbo for dramatically increased thrust at full throttle. The RN30 boasts a power output of 380 PS with a maximum torque of 451 Nm! To accommodate the additional power, the engine blocks have been applied by forging parts instead of casting parts. This has resulted in an increased durability and resistance which shows how the RN30 has been designed for track performance from the ground up!

There are some very impressive technological features that compliment the structural and physical design of the RN30 which includes rev-matching technology. To help drivers adapt and handle challenging tracks, rev-matching enables the engine to accurately revise speed whenever gears are changed in sport mode. This increases the level of excitement and delivers a much more reactive experience for drivers overall.

Expert Exterior Design

The RN30 boasts lightweight and highly durable, environmentally friendly materials to ensure performance is optimised throughout. The concept features a large rear spoiler for additional downforce, and distinctive lights and design overall. When combined with the RN30s low centre of gravity, the concept truly demonstrates the racing credentials Hyundai have promised.

We're looking forward to seeing more of the RN30, and hopefully seeing some of it's advanced technology feature in motorsport in the not to distant future. At this stage, we're unsure about whether the RN30 will make it into general production, but it's likely some of it's features could appear in potential upcoming sporting variants.