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Top Picks: Some of the top Hyundai models.

Added: 15 September 2017

Hyundai offer cars with style and quality at affordable prices. They engineer their models to give all drivers the opportunity to explore, discover and embrace new automotive technologies. The release of Hyundai’s newest and greatest cars show the automotive innovation the company strive to bring to the industry.
Here we have collated some of the best Hyundai models.


The i30 is the third generation of the model, rejuvenating the previous success of the range since its first launch in 2007. The stylish design replicates the comfort of every ride, whilst running a remarkably quiet engine.The cars recent release was accompanied by a choice of three engines; diesel and two petrol, resulting in impressive low emissions of 94g/km, making this an attractive vehicle for all. Not only have Hyundai improved the power and engine of this model, but also the features of the interior. A new large touchscreen satellite navigation has been installed, along with climate control to ensure all journeys are a breeze. The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show saw Hyundai showcase their most recent edition of this range with the i30N, a statement to thebrands competitors as the i30 makes a strong competition to the Ford Focus ST by holding dynamics to appeal to drivers looking for more zoom. i30


The second generation i20 holds on to its predecessors value-for-money status with its quality and pricing, whilst holding onto its position in the super mini sector. Not only do the interior materials feel good to a drivers touch, but the engine is elegant for all trips, making the latest version of the model an impressive upgrade. The cars premium model not only has a slick sloping roof and dynamic lighting, but also feature Bluetooth connectivity as well as parking sensors.This increase in technology of the i20 keeps drivers in touch with Hyundai’s advancements reflect the brands affordable equivalent to the Volkswagen Polo.i20

Santa Fe

The latest, third generation Hyundai Santa Fe maintains the practicality of the model with its easy towing ability and adaptability from 5 to 7 seats. This spacious model makes the car ideal for families, with its smooth turbo diesel engine, the car can make drivers’ lives that little bit easier. Hyundai’s addition of a high resolution touchscreen navigation system reflects the attractiveness of the car, showing it is as premium and upmarket as it looks. This car is perfect for drivers that need a stylish, spacious, and hands-on car.

Santa Fe


The Ioniq is one of Hyundai’s classic vehicles. This model has gained market share from the Prius since its launch, with its eco-precision and premium driving. The Ioniq is created as one of Hyundai’s fundamental green cars with an aero-framework and hybrid engine, a combination of petrol and electric. Not only does the Ioniq hold a single gear box for minimised noise and ultimate responsiveness,it’s quality is good enough to make BMW’s i5 nervous, powering its driver to 174-mile range. This cutting-edge hybrid/electric automotive showcases Hyundai's pioneering technology with seamless connectivity. Keep up-to-date no matter the length of journey, with the Ioniq’s Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto touchscreen features.


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