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What Are Your Options When Buying A Used Car?

Added: 07 February 2018

With nearly new cars being just as good as new, you can get a perfect car for affordable prices. There are multiple purchase options for you if you want to get the perfect car, so continue reading for more. 

1. Part Exchange

Part exchange is an easy way to get a new car and get rid of your old one too by simply trade in your car for a far newer or alternative model! You can understand your cars worth by getting an online valuation when entering your registration number online. Or you can view your part exchange deal specifically for your favourite used car. Our specialists can get in contact with you for a more accurate valuation, so you can get your perfect car.

Part Exchange

2. Finance

You might not be aware, but you can get finance deals on used cars and not just new ones. Different finance options can be adapted to suit your financial situation. Once you’ve found the car for you, a finance calculator provides you with the options available, which one of our advisors will help by tailoring it to you. The two options we offer at Richmond include Hire Purchase (HP) and Personal Contract Purchase (PCP). Both require a deposit payment and monthly payment, however HP is a contract whereby the goal is to own the car of the end, whereas PCP gives you a choice of trading in for a new car or owning the car with a balloon payment at the end of the contracted months. Here at Richmond, you have an excellent chance to qualify for one of our useful and affordable finance deals as we accept 9 out of 10 applicants!

Hire Purchase

3. Cash

By paying outright for your new used car you can save yourself additional costs, like mileage and APR, and own the vehicle in one easy transaction. Cash payments for a new car means you have 0% interest and simply pay the listed price without any financial obligations after the transaction. Similarly, by paying with a credit card you will have no interest fee, although it depends on the credit card you own as you could expect to pay your provider.

Car Finance