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What Can We Expect with the Updated Citroen C4 Cactus?

Added: 06 March 2018

Citroen have been undergoing somewhat of a French revolution over the last few years which has seen Citroen’s well-revered eccentric take on styling shunned for more conformist tendencies. This however was changed with the introduction of the C4 Cactus.

An irregular shaped quasi-SUV with a funky interior and crazy air filled plastic pockets on the doors, otherwise known as Airbumps. With all of its irregularities the C4 cactus exposed how terribly dull the standard C4 is in comparison.

That being said the C4 Cactus has been in production for around about 4 years now so Citroen have decided it’s time for mid-life facelift – and as far as facelifts go, this is a large one indeed that even the best surgeons of Beverly Hills would be proud of.

What’s New on the Outside?

The well-known wacky looks of the C4 Cactus have surprisingly been toned down for a more conservative look in this mid-life update from Citroen. With the introduction of a new grille, bumper and chrome trim surrounding the badge and day-time running lights the front end looks more like its counterpart C3 supermini. Not much differs on the rear apart from the new sleek horizontal lights – the big change however comes to those renowned Cactus Airbumps.

On the pre-mid-life facelifted Cactus the Airbumps were huge and almost covered the whole car, well now after the update Citroen have toned them down considerably as they now sit just above the lower sill of the doors. They are certainly more in keeping with the latest models Citroen have brought out like the C3 hatchback, C3 Aircross and forthcoming C5 Aircross SUV so it seems Citroen are actually making the Cactus less funky than it first was when it burst on the market.

Following suit in the sense of toning things down is the exterior colour palette! What was once a vibrant bunch of unusual colours is now a more mature selection of greys, blacks, whites and one bright red.

The Magic Carpet Ride

You may have heard by now that Citroen have introduced what is officially known Progressive Hydraulic Cushions (PHC) to the new C4 Cactus. This is a first for Citroens in Europe but has already been fitted to the C5 Aircross sold across China.

This complex hydraulic system works by replacing the mechanical stops in the shock absorbers with two hydraulics ones so that the bumps in the road are absorbed and the energy is displaced by the compression of the hydraulics.

Normal shock absorbers will only give you the former which will leave the vehicle’s occupants with an unpleasant jolt shooting through their spine as they ride of sharp pot holes or any other unpleasant road surface.

As promising as this sounds, good suspension and ride quality can only be met when the seats are up to scratch and as it turns out, Citroen have upgraded the seats to match fitting the new C4 Cactus with super-squishy Advanced Comfort seats. These new seats have high-density foam integrated in them to allow for more comfort on backs and bums over long journeys, as well complementing the new ‘Magic Carpet’ suspension for an all-round smooth ride.

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