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What do you need to know about the Citroen Berlingo Electric?

Added: 26 February 2018

How far can I drive in the Citroen Berlingo Electric?

The Berlingo offers a surprising amount of a power for an electric commercial vehicle of its size, as we find customers often assume electric vehicles equal poor performance. Not the case on the Berlingo!

Its range is the most impressive piece of its kit - a fully charged engine can take you 106 miles and that’s up to speeds of 70mph or more. As well as this efficiency, maintenance costs for the Berlingo Electric are up to 30% lower than its competitors.

Where can I charge a Citroen Berlingo Electric?

A clear advantage to driving an electric vehicle is that you’ll never have to go to a gloomy petrol pump again! You can even charge the Berlingo Electric from your own home, as well as a network of nationwide charging points that are becoming more common by the day.

A standard 240 volt socket that is found in most households will fully charge the batteries in just 10 hours! Or if you don’t have this much time on your hands, a dedicated charging point will fully charge the vehicle in 30 mins. As well as this, the batteries do not discharge when you are stationary and recharge when you brake and slow down, making this one of the most efficient commercial vehicles on the market!

How big is a Citroen Berlingo Electric?

There are two sizes of Berlingo to choose from, L1 and L2.

L1 has an available volume of up to 3.7m3 whereas the L2 has an available volume of up to 4.1m3, allowing you to pick a size that works for you. In addition, the cargo space in both of these models is easy to access through the Berlingo’s “Smart Access Points” such as the large sliding doors on the sides and asymmetric doors on the rear which makes loading incredibly simple and stress free!

Is the Electric Citroen Berlingo Comfortable to Drive?

Luxury takes a back seat in most commercial vehicles but not in the Berlingo Electric! It’s three front seats are tailored to provide ample back and neck support ensuring a relaxing and comfortable journey however long it may be. The central seat can also be folded down and used as a desk as it features its own writing panel, perfect for tradesmen! Why not book a test drive and find out for yourself?

If you’re interested in learning more about the Berlingo Electric, or any our commercial vehicles, feel free to contact us here.