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What Is An Ex-Demo Car & Why Should I Consider Buying One?

Added: 11 April 2018

Ex-demo stands for ex-demonstrator - cars that have been used in showrooms.

Buying an ex-demo car can be a cheaper way to get yourself a brand new car, for a lower price than you’d usually expect to pay. This is because ex-demo cars are vehicles that dealerships have previously used as display and test drive models for their showrooms.

If you’re not sure why you should get yourself an ex-demo car, here’s our reasons why you should consider an ex-demo!

1. Great Condition

As ex-demo cars are simply used by dealerships to reflect new models available, they are kept in their best possible condition! So, you won’t get a car with scratches or scrapes as it will have no visible faults as wear and tear will be minimal.

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2. Low Price

Whilst ex-demos are new models, their little mileage means they are lower priced than brand new models. However, demonstrator cars do also tend to have a higher spec of the model they are representing, in order to show potential customers the best features and systems available in the model. This means, that you can get a top quality, new car, at a lower price than normal!

3. Trust It’s Seller

As ex-demo cars have to be registered by the dealership it comes from, you won’t be the first legal owner of the car. Although you won’t be the first owner, like you would a brand new vehicle, you can rely on the fact that your new car had a trustful past owner and it was looked after properly.

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4. No Long History

Unlike used cars, an ex-demo car will run smoothly and won’t have a log book full of historical niggles, repairs, and issues. You can rely on the fact that your ex-demo comes from a reliable seller, without any hidden faults or botched up repairs!

5. Updated Model

One of the reasons you can get an ex-demo at a cheaper-than-new price is because of dealerships need to get rid of the demonstrator car quickly when a new model or version is being released. This works in any person in need of a new car’s favour, as the need to get rid of a demo car can make the purchase price considerably cheaper. It also means that you get a car that has some of the most up-to-date features and specifications available on the model because it won’t necessarily be replaced by a ready available model!

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Now are you considering an ex-demo car? Keep your eyes peeled on our ex-demonstrator range here.