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Why is the Citroen Relay the perfect van for your business?

Added: 03 July 2018

Getting the perfect van to suit all your business needs is never straight forward. It can be a long, arduous process which involves test drives, deliberation and when it all comes down to it, who knows if you’ll actually make the right decision.

The Citroen Relay was first born back in 2006, and Citroen have used that basis and 12 years of experience to deliver the pinnacle in panel vans.

Efficient Vans

There’s been a growing concern for many years over the ever-increasing cost of fuel on businesses, and this has been realised by Citroen. The latest edition of the Relay comes fully equipped with a range of super-efficient Euro 6 engines that will save you money both in fuel and tax. There are a range of options for you to choose from as well, with three 2.0 litre engines offering: 110hp, 130hp and 160hp.

Practical & Versatile Vans

The Relay is also remarkably versatile, with a whole range of choices to ensure you capture the right van for you. With four different body lengths and three different heights, whatever your business needs there’s a Relay perfectly suited, and one that can deliver one of the very best capacities in its class.

Citroen Relay Style

Whilst style might not be at the top of every van driver’s wish list, no one wants to be driving round all day in a visual disaster. The Relay benefits from Citroen's latest design - giving it impressive elegance and grace for a vehicle of its stature.  There are new headlights and a grille with large chevrons that blend into chrome strips on the nose while the optional LED strip inside the headlights adds another nice touch.

Inside the cabin you are treated to a touchscreen display and steering wheel controls.. You’ll also be able to stay cool with the air-conditioning system, while the reversing camera and parking sensors will be handy in tight car parks.

Don’t just take our word for it, get in touch and take a test drive in the Citroen Relay today to see how it could help shape your business’ future.